One obstacle that keeps people from riding a bike is feeling safe on the roads, or transporting a bike outside the city to a park or mountain trails. Some potential riders might lack appropriate storage space for a full-size bike. One Kirkland company is on a mission to remove these barriers with a bicycle that folds to fit into a car trunk.

FlatBike has released a commuting bike, mountain bike, and hybrid bike that folds flat for storage and transport. The Change Bike, developed in Taiwan in 2010, folds to a compact size in just 60 seconds. The bikes’ pedals release, handlebars collapse, and frame folds in half. The folded bike easily can be stored inside an apartment to accommodate little to no storage space, and to remove the temptation from thieves.

“53 percent of adults in the U.S. would ride more often if they felt safer doing it,” Bob Forgrave, president of FlatBike, said in a statement. “And the biggest challenge is dealing with cars. What if where you live isn’t optimized for bikes? Well, if you have one of our CHANGE bikes, your car becomes part of the solution, with no bike rack needed.”

Quick assembly and easy storage make the bike a great option for both commuters and spontaneous riders, in addition to urban residents, mountain bikers, and suburban family bike rides. The compact storage capability also lends itself to shipping the bike for vacation destinations or relocating.

“We found the Change Bike brand after scouring the Internet for someone who delivered a non-clunky, easy-riding, certified-rugged, fast-folding bike. We are now its U.S. distributor,” Forgrave said.

FlatBike released the mountain bike this month, now available for purchase online. Forgrave recently held a workshop to demo the bike in Redmond. Connect with FlatBike on Facebook to find more information about future events.