Kari Gran + Lisa Strain Headshot CROPPED-APPROVED FOR MEDIA USE

Founders Kari Gran and Lisa Strain. Photo courtesy Kari Gran

Seattle-based beauty brand Kari Gran recently commissioned the “Green Beauty Barometer” to poll American women on how they research beauty products. The survey revealed that 65 percent of women aged 35-54 claim to read beauty-product labels to assist in purchasing sulfate- synthetic fragrance- and PEG compound-free products.

“People need to realize that whatever beauty products they put on their skin are ultimately soaking in to their bloodstream, so it’s incredibly important to be aware of the ingredients,” co-owner and namesake Kari Gran said in a statement. “It’s refreshing to see retailers continue to gain interest in all-natural products due to consumer demand – the education and awareness is getting out there.”

Kari Gran commissioned the survey was to measure how important all-natural beauty and skin care products are to women, and how likely are women to avoid products that are not all-natural. The survey also asked if women avoid specific ingredients and if they are willing to increase their spending to make sure the product they use is “green.”

Kari Gran Green Beauty Barometer Infographic

Infographic courtesy Kari Gran

Of the 1,104 women surveyed, 9 percent read labels to avoid sulfates, 22 percent avoid synthetic fragrances, and 18 percent avoid PEG compounds. Skin care was ranked as the chief concern with 54 percent of women, claiming that i was important that skin care be all-natural. Overall, the survey found that nearly 40 percent of women intend to buy more all-natural products in the next two years compared to the amount they purchase now.

Already this year, Kari Gran has experienced a shift in sales. After making Kari Gran Lip Whips available online at Sephora.com, the natural lip line sold out in two weeks. The product increased Kari Gran’s revenue by 20 percent. Revenue has grown by 25 percent during the first half of 2015. Kari Gran contributes the rise in sales to the growing number of consumers demanding organic products.

Gran started the beauty line with friend Lisa Strain in 2011. They met as real estate agents before launching their e-commerce business. The drive to create a natural, clean beauty line came after Gran discovered she had an autoimmune disease and needed to pay more attention to what she was putting on her skin.

The Kari Gran brand is planning on making the “Green Beauty Barometer,” administered by Harris Poll, a yearly measure to gauge how American women are purchasing their beauty products. The survey was conducted online between June 1 and June 3, and all of the women polled were at least 18 years old.