June: Listen Up!

Looking for a new podcast to listen to during your morning run or evening walk? Here are some recommendations for advice on the go in the form of podcasts aimed at business, entrepreneurship, productivity, and more.

Business Saving Business

Started amid the COVID-19 health care crisis, Business Saving Business is a podcast aimed at bringing Puget Sound-region businesses together in a time of economic instability. Joined by guests like Seattle Seahawks player and entrepreneur Luke Willson and the governor’s small business liaison, Michael Paul Ervick, the hosts share ideas, innovations, inspiration, and understanding to help fellow business owners weather the storm.

American Innovations

Host and author of How We Got To Now, Steven Johnson, will immerse listeners in the stories of the scientists, engineers, and everyday people behind some of the most inventive products of our lifetimes, including Corn Flakes, Kodak, the television, Coca-Cola, DeLorean, and even the electric chair.

The Femails

Ladies, when we need to talk to someone about life and love, we often turn to our friends. Why not seek out female counsel when faced with business challenges, too? Covering everything from mortifying work stories to avoiding burnout to explaining gaps in one’s work history, host Lauren McGoodwin gets real by tackling the ups and downs of female career development.

Business Wars

When companies compete for our attention and our dollars, it is almost like they are entering into battle against one another. Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes as businesses like Starbucks and Dunkin’, Nintendo and Sony, Netflix and Blockbuster, or Macy’s and Gimbels duke it out? This podcast endeavors to reveal the (unauthorized) stories behind some of the business world’s most bitter contentions.

We Study Billionaires

Let’s face it: It’s unlikely that most of us will ever be able to receive financial investing tips from the likes of Warren Buffett or Howard Marks. However, the We Study Billionaires podcast on the Investor’s Podcast Network likely is the next best thing. After all, hosts Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen study and interview the billionaires who have made a career out of investing.

Thumbnail photo by Ottlukas14 on Pixabay

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