Issaquah government and business organizations have unveiled a new campaign encouraging people to dine and shop locally to support community businesses challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, and to share their positive experiences on social media.

The campaign, Issaquah Local, includes a stylized logo and the words: Dine. Shop. Share. The city has various iterations of the logo available for businesses to download for posters, social media pages, websites, and more to draw attention to their businesses and the campaign. Decals also are available for vehicles.

“As time goes on, we don’t anticipate this just to be only during COVID,” said Jen Davis Hayes, economic development manager for the City, which worked with The Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Issaquah Association, Highlands Council, Visit Issaquah, and Gilman Village Merchants Association on the campaign. “I think we’ll be continuing to do some things to highlight and draw attention to the campaign — and that might be various contests or opportunities for people to show their love for Issaquah businesses.”

Davis Hayes said she thinks it’s a great partnership with the different organizations in the city.

“And we know that this will ring true to folks who really love our community and feel loyal to their favorite businesses in town, and we expect it to be really successful for our businesses,” she said.

Campaign organizers, in addition to hanging street and pole banners, and handing out decals and posters, hope to see the Issaquah Loyal message gain viral legs, too.

“We’re really encouraging consumers and businesses to share their great experiences” with shopping and dining, and being Issaquah Loyal, Davis Hayes said. “We hope that people will continue to kind of push this out and use the hashtag #IssaquahLoyal.”

The campaign’s budget is less than $15,000 so far, with funding including federal Cares Act money distributed to cities through King County, and an annual Port of Seattle grant for King County cities to support businesses.