The City of Kirkland and Startup425 are looking to recruit businesses to participate in Innovation Lab, a collaborative program with Bellevue College and its Tombolo Institute.

The seven-week course will provide valuable insights to currently operating businesses and offer help as they adapt to the new, COVID-19-affected business climate. It’s one of several resources the City of Kirkland and Startup425 have been working on to address pandemic-related impacts on businesses.

Innovation Lab will be taught by Professor Leslie Lum, who has over 20 years of experience at Bellevue College and is the co-author of Multicultural Marketing and Business Consulting. According to the Startup425 website, she will be assisted by a group of local expert business advisors and mentors.

Startup425 is underwriting the full cost of the program, so businesses that opt to participate won’t have to pay tuition or a fee. Those interested can apply here. Space is limited, and admission is selective.

For more information, watch Innovation Lab’s informational video.