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CardTapp was created with one mission in mind: helping solopreneurs use their smartphones to manage business contact information. 

Headquartered in Bellevue, the company was founded in 2012 by Ben Brashen and Ryan Leopold, and its earliest product was a personalized mobile application for business professionals to connect with clients and referrals. The product has since expanded to an enterprise-engagement platform for companies in the mortgage, real estate, insurance, and recruiting industries. According to CardTapp’s real-time web counter, its applications have been used more than 30 million times and counting.

“CardTapp began with the mission of reinventing the business card through the delivery of a personally branded mobile application that could be offered in place of the traditional business card,” said Brashen, who serves as chief executive officer. “Customers quickly discovered that the application generated its own referrals, kept them top of mind more effectively than traditional business cards, and led to closing more deals faster.”

A New Window of Data

Since launching, CardTapp has focused on enhancing functionality to assist corporate sales professionals and recruiters. According to its founders, “In a very real sense, CardTapp has created a new class of application that complements mega-marketing and sales applications such as SalesForce, with a suite of more down-to-earth, day-to-day, sales/prospector services.”

By utilizing the smartphone as a sales tool, CardTapp is providing sales professionals and recruiters with valuable data that didn’t exist before. For example, based on today’s prospective interactions with CardTapp’s app, companies now know which prospects are ready to buy and which of them need more attention. The application also permits a variety of consumer sharing opportunities, leading to more and better leads. Additionally, it plugs into contemporary social media and simplifies engagement through text messaging.

“Perhaps more importantly, CardTapp now is a software-as-a-service app that boasts integrations with more than 60 different customer resource management (CRM) applications,” added Brashen. “At CardTapp, we refer to what we have created as an enterprise-ready Prospect Engagement Platform.”

The platform allows for automated CRM lead entry, saving time and effort, and improving account record quality. It offers its own role-based reporting and analysis interface along with the ability to incorporate the data into an existing enterprise data repository.

Transforming Challenges Into Growth

It’s safe to say, CardTapp is only warming up. In 2018, CardTapp was ranked No. 1,088 on the Inc. magazine 5000 list of fastest-growing private U.S. companies.

With his firm still seen as an “innovation” in the business world, Brashen feels his team deals with first-to-market challenges like creating market awareness and educating individual contributors/organizations about the product’s potential. “Being first is not easy, but for the most part, it has been fun,” he said.

Brashen also classifies CardTapp as an agile organization that is quick to adapt to market conditions and the needs of consumers/organizations. It’s a trait the CEO believes will lead to further growth, both for CardTapp and its business clients.