Icertis CEO Samir Bodas. Photo courtesy Icertis.

Icertis CEO Samir Bodas. Photo courtesy Icertis.

Bellevue-based Icertis continues to grow with leaps and bounds, bringing more talent to the Eastside and expanding its operations throughout the world.

An innovator in the arena of cloud-based contract management, Icertis is used to managing enterprise contracts, standardizing processes, and automating workflows.

“With some of our clients we’ve been able to reduce administration costs by 40 percent and improve speed of contracting by 60 percent; these are real numbers that have very big business impact for our clients,” said Seth Nesbit, Icertis chief marketing officer. “That is really an indication of the success we are having; (2016) was a landmark year for Icertis.”

Additionally, Icertis was named one of Inc. magazine’s 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the U.S., with its recent expansion of its operations to Stuttgart, Germany. This location further bolsters Icertis’ ranks, which already include domestic locations in North Carolina, California, and Pennsylvania, as well as an international office in Switzerland.

The new location, which opened last fall, accommodates the company’s new priorities to support clients in the European market. Icertis’ continued customer growth and global expansion puts the company in a prime position to capitalize on the unprecedented market opportunity for contract lifecycle management, which is expected to grow into a $6 billion market as early as 2018.

As a result of its global expansion efforts, Icertis recently announced that premium car manufacturer Daimler AG has selected the Icertis Contract Management platform — which is built on Microsoft Azure — as the platform of choice to launch the redesign of its worldwide procurement.

“We are delighted to have Daimler, one of the most innovative and forward leaning producers of premium cars and the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, as a customer,” Samir Bodas, co-founder and CEO of Icertis, said in a statement. “As companies like Daimler step on the accelerator of innovation, every business process in the company needs re-imagination. We are excited to partner with Daimler as their foundational contracting platform for the next decade.”