David Yusen. Courtesy of BizX

By BizX

As a group of diverse local restaurants and event spaces including Purple Woodinville, The Commons, Meet the Moon, Pablo y Pablo, Fiasco, and Barrio, the Heavy Restaurant Group (HRG) has had to devise new ways to stay competitive amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team, led by business development director David Yusen, has been reassessing the HRG’s business in hopes of not just staying afloat but doing what it can to support other community businesses as well.

With dining limited throughout Washington, a new reality has come to the surface for the eight area eateries that make up the HRG. Cash flow was of particular concern, as it has been for so many other restaurants. Yusen looked at ways to trade as opposed to spending cash on items like wine, meats, printing and print advertising, website work, and signage.

Yusen leaned on his BizX membership, which allows businesses to trade with each other to get what they need. For the HRG, gift cards have been a large part of this transaction. The cards have helped the HRG get thousands of new restaurant visitors in the years since it joined BizX. But they have been particularly important in recent months.

Aside from keeping the HRG pushing ahead, supporting other local businesses who are also working to stay afloat helps strengthen community connections.

Navigating the current economy as a small business requires creative and innovative approaches that allow businesses to stay successful in a fast-changing situation. Like so many businesses in 2020, the Heavy Restaurant Group has been able to accomplish this by turning toward their community for support.