By Lauren Simmons, BizX

Tim Short, Owner of Redmond Bar & Grill

Tim Short, owner of Redmond’s Bar & Grill. Courtesy of BizX

Redmond’s Bar & Grill has been a staple member of BizX since 2012. During the normal course of business, they have a wonderful dine-in experience as well as great takeout and catering options. While the COVID-19 crisis has certainly affected business, the restaurant has been able to pivot with takeout and delivery happening in full force.

In addition to pivoting its own business model, Redmond’s Bar & Grill has stepped up to the plate to make an impact in the community as well during a difficult time. In May, Redmond’s Bar & Grill had provided 400-plus meals to local hospital staff who are working on the front lines.
Earlier this year, BizX spoke with the restaurant’s owner, Tim Short, about his favorite ways to use BizX and how it has helped his business. Restaurants have the ability to take advantage of  BizX resources: diners can use their BizX card to pay in the restaurant, for instance.

“It is like a forced savings plan that allows us to do bigger projects in our restaurant that we normally might not be able to do,” Short said.

He said the restaurant has been able to use BizX for painting and flooring, and has even been able to hire contractors to do the work. Having saved over $325,000 since joining BizX, Redmond’s Bar & Grill is always looking for new ways to save even more.

If you’ve ever heard the anecdote that “cash is king,” you might be wondering how BizX helps with that.

By saving cash that is spent on repairs, monthly cleanings, and various recurring expenses, Redmond’s Bar & Grill has been able to save cash for other expenses. By doing this, the business has been able to keep some of its staff employed during the COVD-19 pandemic and maintain the restaurant.

“A seat in our restaurant is an asset and one that expires if it is not filled,” Short said.

Short added that BizX has allowed his restaurant to keep those assets filled and used whereas it might have otherwise stayed empty. All restaurants have a baseline of hard costs for staff, rent, and more that stay the same no matter if the seats are filled or not. By filling those empty seats, Redmond’s Bar & Grill is building BizX reserves that ultimately help them save cash.

When we asked Short what his favorite part of the BizX barter community is, he was quick to tell us it was exactly that: the community. He said he has built valuable, long-term relationships with several vendors and loves the spirit of community that comes along with those relationships. Oftentimes when you’re working with a new vendor or partner, there can be a “warming up” period as you get to know them and their services. With BizX members, there is a sense of community right out of the gate and a willingness to work together to find solutions that work.

Another pro has been the business that has come without paying a dollar in advertising. As a member of the BizX barter community, customers are able to look up local members via the BizX app and Marketplace website. This brings in new customers that might not have found the restaurant and the best part. These customers then share their experience with friends and family, referring new guests.

While the COVID-19 situation has brought a lot of stress to restaurants across the country, Short said there is always a silver lining to be found in times of stress.

“When there is a shift or change in your market, you start focusing on new ways to save cash that you previously haven’t looked at. BizX is a great addition to your arsenal during a time like this,” he said.

BizX has also been able to assist Tim and his team in their expansion by offering them a $100,000 Line of Credit. This money is being used to open a new location. While cash can be tight during a period of restaurant closures, this allows Redmond’s Bar & Grill to continue moving forward with its plans of growth.

If you want to find out more about how your business can save cash, send BizX a message today. One of our account representatives will reach out and help you find the silver lining in your business and get started in our community of over 7,000 members.