Leadership consultant and president of Tacoma-based Hjelseth & Associates, LLC Ross Hjelseth released a book, Winning Words: Speaking Life to Influence Others, earlier this week.

The book is Hjelseth’s debut, and looks to guide readers to improve their ability to positively impact and influence others, according to a press release. Hjelseth based much of the content on his 35-year-long career as a coach and leader.

“Most of our current culture includes a focus on negative. My book is the opposite — overcoming negative with positive,” Hjelseth said in the release. “It is written with a lifetime of a leader’s learning included in the content. There are a significant amount of life lessons to be learned from the book. While we are living, life happens, and this book is all about living a quality life to influence others.”

According to the release, Hjelseth seeks to teach people to understand the power of words and character traits that could potentially lead to success in life.

“By helping people recognize their influence and how word choices can build people up or hurt their esteem, the author hopes to encourage people to renew their focus on gratitude, encouragement, and teamwork,” the release stated.

Winning Words: Speaking Life to Influence Others is available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.