Eastside hedge fund manager Blake E. Robbins has opened an investment firm in downtown Bellevue.

Hillstone Capital

Photo courtesy Hillstone Capital

Hillstone Capital will focus its investment efforts in real estate and private equity, according to Robbins, and the company has projects underway in the greater Seattle and Portland markets. It plans to expand to the Texas market later this year.

Robbins cofounded Bellevue-based Overlake Capital almost a decade ago, and left the company to start Hillstone Capital in November. The firm also employs creative director Christina Dunken, who brings experience in operations and brand management to the team.

“(Our company) is guided by common sense, discipline, and the insight that our success is driven by our culture and our partnerships,” said Robbins. “Investing with Hillstone Capital doesn’t feel like the typical ‘too big to fail’ giant investment firm because it isn’t. Hillstone prizes value over return, and is acutely focused on niche genres of your portfolio — real estate — versus the entire portfolio.”

Hillstone Capital is headquartered in the Skyline Tower in downtown Bellevue. Robbins said he chose to remain on the Eastside because of Bellevue’s “growth and expansion, fast pace, and business-centric” attitude.

“The Eastside has always been appealing, especially in regards to real estate,” he said. “We particularly appreciate the perfect boundaries of Bellevue and the Eastside because of the naturally landlocked corridor with very distinct neighborhoods offering some of the greatest home values in the nation.”

More information about Hillstone Capital is available on its website.