Money won’t solve all problems, but money well spent can make an entrepreneur’s life much better. To culminate the Advice Issue, we gave a few professionals a hypothetical $10,000. Here’s how they said they would spend it:

ScottHolmScott Holm, Chainline Brewing Founder:
“One word: Kegs. Kegs are one of the items we never seem to have enough of. Although they’re not the sexiest part of the beer biz, they are a critical piece of the supply chain for any brewery. Every drop of that delicious fresh draft beer at your favorite watering hole comes in a keg package. More kegs for us means more opportunities to get our beer out to a wider audience … $10,000 would buy about 100 kegs, enough for us to fill 30 to 35 more accounts.”

MikeVanSnellenbergMike Van Snellenberg, Wellpepper CTO:
“One of our biggest business needs right now is marketing. Specifically, patient engagement is a pretty nascent market, so we’ve thought about putting together an invite-only event for C-level folks, where we’d bring in an expert, perhaps an analyst, to talk through what it means to engage patients, why it’s important, how you do it, and how you measure it.”

PedroCastroPedro Castro, Magellan Architects principal:
“If I had $10,000, I would hire a consultant that specializes in social media. I’ve done some things on my own — I’ve taken classes here and there — but I don’t have any money allocated to social media. I think now, with millennial clients, I should pay more attention to that.”


Cherie Skager, Hope Heart Institute executive director:
“The Hope Heart Institute would invest $10,000 in our Teen Take Heart Program, an interactive evidence-based cardiovascular disease-prevention program for high school students. It helps students develop positive attitudes and beliefs about health and wellness and it creates a learning environment by integrating the sciences of anatomy, physiology, and disease pathology into engaging hands-on web- and kit-based learning sessions to promote heart-healthy lifestyle choices … $10,000 would provide lifelong and life-changing skills for an additional 400 students and maintain the program in seven schools in the Puget Sound area.”

Want to invest that cash for yourself?

Tyler Hay, Evergreen Capital Management CEO
“Buy what you know. Investors have more patience and conviction investing in stocks they feel connected to and understand. This can be done by mixing amazing local companies into your portfolio: Amazon, Microsoft, Tableau, Nordstrom, Costco, Paccar, and Alaska Airlines are all innovative leaders in their respective industries. Many of our millennial investors love this approach versus buying funds run by a guy in a pinstripe suit in New York. Also, think global. There are serious demographic headwinds facing much of the developed world. The global economy is more interconnected than ever, and most investors are not positioned to take advantage of this changing trend.”

BenZhangBen Zhang, Greater China Industries CEO:
“I would invest the $10K on the following Chinese stocks: Petro China and China Telecom. In less than 12 months, the $10K investment will become $20K-plus — you can (mark) my words.”