Photos courtesy Sian Wu and Casey Broadwater. 

When Google throws a party, Kirkland shows up. The city and Google joined forces Monday, despite wind and rain, to unveil and dedicate a section of the Cross-Kirkland Corridor that bisects Google’s campus.

“This is an example of what I think our citizens want and expect us to do as a government; that is, to work together as partners with our neighbors and businesses ” said Kirkland Mayor Amy Walen. “When we do that, we can create something greater than perhaps any of us imagined.”

Google spent approximately $3 million to develop the section of trail, adding lush grass in addition to a sand volleyball court, an all-weather basketball court, a fitness area, children’s play structure, and zip line. The trail lies directly behind Google’s main building, located at 747 Sixth St. S. The company’s new building, which will provide work space for approximately 1,000 more employees, will double Google’s 195,000 square feet of existing space.

“We really want to be good neighbors and good members of the community,” said Darcy Nothnagle, western region head of external affairs for Google. “What a great way to make sure we are interacting with the community as much as possible by having a great fitness and recreational opportunity right outside the front door.”

Google recently provided free Wi-Fi in Kirkland’s public parks and operates a philanthropic program in the area. “There are a number of other things we’ve done in the area trying to be a good neighbor,” Nothnagle said. “But this was really near and dear to our hearts as a unique opportunity.”