If you’re looking to make a career or job change in the coming months, Glassdoor has some news for you. The best job on the market is a data scientist.

Jobs are ranked using three criteria — number of job openings, salary, and career opportunities rating. It’s no surprise that tech jobs hold a number of positions near the top, with data scientist coming in at No. 1. Tax manager ranks No. 2, solutions architect ranks No. 3, and engagement manager comes in at No. 4. The rest of the list can be viewed here.

Data scientist ranked as the No. 1 trending job in Seattle in January. Glassdoor Trends is based on several months of activity for jobs and companies to identify notable or unexpected attention from job seekers. Data scientist held the No. 1 spot in December as well. Glassdoor Trends is updated the first week of every month.

(Alas, journalist will never be on this list. But I digress.)

A similar list put out annually by Glassdoor ranks the top U.S. cities for jobs. Seattle comes in at No. 5 just ahead of Salt Lake City at No. 6. Glassdoor includes Eastside cities as part of the Seattle moniker. Other tech hot spots, San Jose, San Francisco, and Boston, come in at No. 7, No. 12, and No. 15 respectively. The cities are ranked according to hiring opportunity, cost of living, and job satisfaction.