Screen shots captured by Lauren Foster

Screen shot captured by Lauren Foster

Gene Juarez is getting tech savvy to streamline its salon and spa experience for guests. The Bellevue company recently released its free smart phone app that allows customers to request an appointment at any of the 10 locations.

Through the app customers can enter their name and email address, request a date, time, service and service provider and voila! The appointment request is in motion. The salon then contacts the customer with the appointment confirmation. The app also logs your pending appointments and your confirmed appointments with popup reminders.

In addition to easing the booking process, the app has several other perks. Each salon has an “Offers” tab where you can check out coupons and special events. Right now, you can get a free color lock treatment (a $35 value) with any color service at the Bellevue salon. You can take a virtual tour of the salons, purchase gift cards, get directions, and check hours.

But the most ingenious part is a brilliant marketing tool for the salon. Customers can take before and after photos and share them with the salon or on social media. No big surprise that the text default is “Check out the Gene Juarez app!’”

The one thing we wished the app incorporated is a photo gallery of different hairstyles. Visuals lead to inspiration and not everyone knows where to look for their next big hairdo. Having an organized gird of photos could help users preview their options with a stylist.

Overall the app is useful and a benefit to customers who prefer to book appointments without having to call the salon during business hours. It’s easy, simple and user friendly.

The app is free to download and is available for iOS and Android.