Redmond companies took the cake for the biggest funding rounds in October. Space-focused Planetary Resources and organic fertilizer company Wiserg both reported multi-million dollar rounds.

Wiserg closed a $13.3 million Series C equity round. The company raised a $5 million Series B earlier this year, led by Seattle-based Second Avenue Partners. We have reached out to Wiserg CEO Larry LeSueur to get more information about this round, but have not heard back. We’ll update when we know more.

Planetary Resources, an asteroid mining company, successfully launched an aircraft into orbit this past summer. The spacecraft was launched from the International Space Station and would test and validate new avionics, control systems, and software. The company filed its first sale of $12.2 million as part of a $19.9 million equity and security option round. The Form D reported 16 investors so far. As of press time, the round is still open.

Gemridge Technologies Inc., the Mercer Island developer behind ride-sharing app Kwibon, sold $400,000 of a $500,000 equity finance round.

Redmond-based Planetary Resources raised $12.2 million as part of a $19.9 million finance round.

Scout20 Inc., founded by Thin Pig Media heads Greg Gillard and Anthony Kutch, sold $520,000 of a $1 millon equity finance round.

Novuson Surgical Inc., a Bothell-based biotechnology company, sold $500,000 of a $5.8 million finance round.

Gestalt Scientific Corp., a Redmond-based manufacturing company, raised $500,000 of a $2 million finance round.

Kirkland-based Deadline LLC, founded by Chris Oosterhoff of Broadline Entertainment, raised $5,000 of a $2 million equity finance round.

Latticework Investors LP, a pooled investment fund led by Feng Zhou of Sammamish, raised more than $7.7 million with 33 investors.

Learn Big Holdings LLC, a Bellevue-based business services group, sold $815,000 of a $1.5 million equity finance round.

Meshfire Inc., a social engagement platform based in Kirkland, sold $143,983 of a $750,000 equity finance round.

Frost Group, Inc, the brains behind Frost doughnut shop with locations in Mill Creek, Everett, and soon Bellevue, opened a $1 million equity finance round.

Redmond-based Wiserg, which produces organic fertilizer from food waste, closed a $13.3 million equity finance round.

Ripple Networks Global LLC, a live video and virtual reality company based in Kirkland, closed an equity funding round of $5.7 million .

Evergreen Point Development LLC, a Medina-based commercial developer, raised $5.3 million in an equity finance round.

Goodwell Fitness Network Inc., a fitness-tracking firm based in Bellevue, raised $125,000 of a $1 million finance round.

All information comes from the companies’ Form D filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.