Bellevue’s Envelop VR landed the largest venture-funding round in November, and it was a historic investment. The $4 million round was led by Seattle’s Madrona Venture Group, making it Madrona’s first investment in a virtual reality firm. Envelop also hired gaming industry vets J.J. Hoesing (principal software engineer) and John Root (director of developer relations).

While Envelop was making history, a key figure in the region’s dot-com history resurfaced last month: Naveen Jain, the founder of InfoSpace, opened a $5 million round to fund his newest venture, BlueDot Inc.

Bellevue-based Unify Square Inc., which offers software, consulting, and managed services for Skype for Business, sold $850,000 of a $4 million debt-and-option offering.

Cadence Online Inc., a Kirkland-based provider of evidence-based solutions to prevent drug and alcohol use in teens and young adults, sold $510,000 of a $1.5 million equity round.

Footmarks Inc., Bellevue-based developer of iBeacon, sold $250,000 of a $2.5 million debt-only financing.

Bellevue-based CardTapp Inc., a mobile client acquisition platform, sold $1.9 million of a $4.5 million equity-finance round.

Limitless Entertainment Ltd., a concert promotion and production company, sold $50,000 of a $500,000 debt-only financing round. The company, founded in April, is led by Tom Sanocki, formerly of Bellevue-based Bungie and Pixar Animation Studios.

BlueDot Inc., the Bellevue-based technology innovation company led by Naveen Jain, has opened a $5 million equity finance round.

Bellevue-based Real Estate Game Works, a real estate education platform, sold $100,000 of a $1 million equity round of financing.

EchoNous, Inc., the Kirkland-based health care company led by Kevin Goodwin, has opened an indefinite round of equity financing.

Sammamish-based Limefy Inc., which produces a networking simplification device, sold $25,000 of a $600,000 equity-only finance offering.

Bloomz Inc., the Redmond-based maker of a parent-teacher communication app, sold $325,000 of a $500,000 equity and debt financing round.

Ivy Corp., the Redmond-based developer of the Phox messaging app, sold $600,000 of a $3 million equity finance round.

Redmond-based C-Labs Corp., an Internet-of-things connectivity company, closed an equity-only round of $2.7 million.

Envelop VR Inc., a Bellevue-based virtual reality company, sold $4 million of a $5 million equity finance round. The round was led by Madrona Venture Group.

Sqoop Inc., a Mercer Island-based news discovery network for journalists, reported both a $51,000 debt-only round of financing and a $125,000 equity-only round.

Bellevue-based Recurrence Inc., an education technology company led by Brayden Olson, sold $300,000 worth of equity and options.

All information comes from the companies’ Form D filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.