The biggest funding news of August came last week when Bellevue-based DreamBox Learning announced its $10 million Series B financing round. The company has sold $6 million of the offering thus far. With the popularity of the learning technology, and its potential impact on the learning environment, one would not be surprised to see the additional $4 million snatched up. San Francisco-based Owl Ventures led the round.

Redmond-based Medstreaming also announced a $10 million equity round, but has yet to report a sale. The minimum investment accepted from an outside investor is marked at $7.5 million.

PupPod, a Kirkland-based internet learning system for dogs, sold $20,000 of a $400,000 debt-only finance round.

Kirkland-based Cartogram Inc., an indoor mapping system, sold $326,348 as part of a $600,000 funding round.

Bellevue-based DreamBox Learning, an adaptive learning platform, raised $6 million in a $10 million offering.

Redmond-based Medstreaming LLC, a medical data and imaging management system, opened a $10 million funding round.

Bothell-based medical technology company Aqueduct Critical Care, Inc. raised $3.7 million funding on a $5.3 million equity-only offering.

Atiego Corporation, a Bellevue-based big data analytics platform, raised $5 million in debt-only financing on an indefinite offering.

Sammammish-based Strategic Robotic Systems, Inc. raised $350,000 on a $2 million debt offering.

Kirkland-based PB Inc., doing business as PebbleBee, opened a $2 million round of equity-only funding.

Redmond Funding Group, LLC, a private lender for residential property, sold $9.5 million of an indefinite debt-only offering. This is the third sale on the offering, which opened in June 2012.

All information comes from the companies’ Form D filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.