The Founder Institute started in Silicon Valley and now operates in 70 cities around the world, including Seattle. Soon, Bellevue will be added to the roster.

Founder Institute Director Maria Dykstra is working with Impact Hub Bellevue and the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce to hold events on the east side of the lake. Events include networking and informational sessions for those wondering if this particular business accelerator is the right program for them.

The Bellevue Chamber of Commerce and the Founder Institute are holding a Female Founders Series networking night on April 29 for women entrepreneurs.

“One of the Founder Institute’s missions is the narrow the gender gap in early-stage technology companies, and we do this through our ‘Female Founder Fellowship’ program,” Dykstra says. “The Institute offers scholarships and free applications to aspiring female founders around the world.”

The Founder Institute program lasts 10 weeks, with sessions held once a week in the evening.

“We offer structure, support, and classes at night so people can keep their day jobs and still advance their entrepreneurial ideas,” Dykstra says.

The Seattle spring session just started, but Dykstra is hoping to bring Founders Institute and the Female Founder Fellowship to the Eastside.

“We noticed there are a lot of people coming from the Eastside to Seattle for events,” Dykstra says. “There’s plenty of interest for the Eastside to have its own events. We just have to get everything in order to make it happen.”

Keep your eyes on Impact Hub Bellevue and the Founder Institute calendars for future events. For more information about Female Founder Fellowship events, contact Maria Dykstra.