New marketing in an age of digital disruption

Launched last week, new Seattle-based company Fjuri aims to help Fortune 500 companies tap into the power of data and predictive analytics to up their digital marketing game and enhance customer experience.

Fjuri founder and CEO Thoma Gruhler

Fjuri founder and CEO Thoma Gruhler. Photo courtesy Fjuri.

“The digital disruption has been happening for more than a decade in marketing,” said founder and CEO Thom Gruhler. “For the first era of the web, and maybe Web 2.0, much of the marketing motion was really replicating a good bit of the analog communication era, just using the web for a more convenient, more attractive connection with consumers.”

Now, things are different. Data intelligence allows marketers to better know their customers and foster deeper connections. The goal, Gruhler said, is to help marketers

Gruhler founded the company with Paulo Resende, and both are industry veterans who previously worked with Microsoft.

Fjuri already has partnered with Redmond-based Versium, a predictive analytics company, and provides marketing and strategy consulting to Versium’s clients.

“We’re pleased to partner with Fjuri to provide deeper marketing strategy consulting to our clients,” Versium co-founder and CEO Chris Matty said in a news release. “With our predictive analytics technology and Fjuri’s consulting expertise and content strategy, this partnership offers our clients a holistic approach that will help them exceed their sales and marketing goals.”

“We are their premier professional services arm, which will help marketers and sales organizations who are attempting to use the (data) to get a better outcome,” Gruhler said of the Versium partnership. “Our alliance is really geared toward bringing data intelligence, platform capability, and process and  technique capability to marketers to give a total solution for … general marketing performance.”

Fjuri is pronounced like “fury,” with its name stemming from a Scandinavian influence.

“The name comes from the furious change of marketing — what’s happening with digital disruption — and inspiration from the fjords in Scandinavia, the calm and tranquil body of water. We wanted to bring that energy to the furious pace of change — calm and peace and clarity,” said Gruhler.