A lot of us fall into the trap that higher prices translate to better quality or taste, which isn’t always the case. Newly opened Great Wine in Bellevue is on a mission to introduce wine drinkers to more choices.

The aim is for people to get a broader wine experience and discover their preferences based on taste, instead of going in with blind guesses based on high prices.

Great Wine

Photo courtesy Great Wine

“I would like to let our customers define what a great wine is,” said CEO Danni Lin. “Besides, we create a destination for people to freely express their personal preferences of wine,” she added.

The company is eager to bring unprecedented level of tasting and learning experiences to everyone. Individuals will be assisted by professional wine consultants when they visit the tasting room.

Great Wine was founded in 2015 by Lin who previously worked for Microsoft as a Data Scientist. Lin believed that wine could cater to an individual taste profile. Thus, the company’s first collection, Percipio — the Latin word for perception — was created based on the concept of “vinotype.”

The company has sights on global expansion with the first international tasting room in China.