Eastside residents needing faster internet connectivity to power their televisions, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices have a new choice for service.

Comcast announced this week the company is offering 1 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) service to its Eastside residential customers. This high-speed internet service is common in offices, businesses, and other workplaces that demand exceptionally fast data connectivity. But the growing number of connected household devices means homes are increasingly more modern and data-hungry.

Comcast has invested $64 million in its network infrastructure statewide, and is using new technology to deliver super-fast speeds to residential customers by using existing communications lines. As a result, most customers can tap into Comcast’s new service using connections already installed in their homes. This new service means it will take about two seconds to download a 150-megabyte album, four seconds to download a 600-megabyte show, 40 seconds to download a five-gigabyte movie, and two minutes to download a 15-gigabyte video game.

Comcast’s high-speed Gbps service costs $159.99 per month, although promotional rates range between $70 and $109.99 per month depending on the area.

Last year, Comcast began to offer Gbps service to its residential customers in Seattle. The service is now available to more than 2.2 million current and eligible residential Comcast customers throughout Washington, according to company officials.

Other area telecommunications companies, such as CenturyLink and Kirkland-based Wave Broadband, offer high-speed Gbps internet service. Google has launched Fiber, which offers a similar service in select U.S. cities.