Rude passengers can make already uncomfortable flights downright unbearable. However, while there are a variety of passenger behaviors that can disturb air travelers, a recent study on airplane etiquette released by Bellevue-based Expedia pinpoints which behaviors travelers loathe the most.

The study, which gathered feedback from 1,005 Americans ages 18 and older, identified “rear seat kickers” as being the most “problematic passengers.” In fact, of the people surveyed, 64 percent said rear seat kickers were the worst, followed by “inattentive parents” who can’t control their children (59 percent), “aromatic” passengers who have bad hygiene or are too heavily perfumed (55 percent), and “audio insensitive” passengers who talk loudly or listen to music at too high of a volume (49 percent).”

With the start of the new year, Expedia vice president and general manager John Morrey said there’s no better gift to give a fellow traveler than respect and generosity. “The Airplane Etiquette study shows that small acts of decorum can go a long way,” Morrey said in a press release. “After all, as it relates to flights, we are quite literally all in this together.”

Other passenger behaviors disliked by travelers include people who drink too much, the person sitting next to you who won’t stop talking, and the guy who reclines his seat immediately after sitting down.

However, as annoyed as air travelers may be by rude, disruptive passengers, the study found that air travelers are unlikely to address the misbehaving passenger directly. Most ask the flight attendant to handle the situation, and the rest choose to either record the misconduct on their smartphone or share the incident on social media.

But don’t get too discouraged. Of those surveyed, 79 percent said “for the most part, fellow passengers are considerate of one another.”

To view the study in its entirety, visit Expedia online.