For those still limping through Windows 8, Tuesday’s Windows 9 announcement has the potential to bring good news.

Analysts are predicting Windows 9 to be a step in a different direction. One major change rumored to be coming revolves around the start menu making a comeback, and the Charms sidebar might not be in Windows 9. Business Insider reports that apps will run in separate windows, instead of forcing a full-screen window.

Gizmodo reports that voice assistant Cortana also is expected to run in a “window-able” app, according to Windows 9 Technical Preview.

Multiple sources report the cost of upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 9 will range from free to $20, depending on various factors. Tuesday’s announcement is expected to reveal the Technical Preview of Windows for developers. Public release of the new operating system most likely will occur in June 2015, according to Techradar.