Exotic car owners don’t drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on their vehicles just to use them to get from points A to B; in fact, some exotic-car owners rarely drive their most prized possessions. These owners consider a car a work of art, a collectible, or a status symbol. These cars are the epitome of swagger, and they are packed to the gills with enough horsepower to outperform most vehicles on the road. The owners profiled on the following pages have been known to showcase their cars at the weekly Exotics at Redmond Town Center event, which is held, weather-permitting, each Saturday from February through November.

IMG_5762William H.

2013 Ferrari
458 Italiz

William H.’s passion for Ferrari is evident to all who know him, especially local members of the Ferrari Club of America. This spring, the club elected William its Northwest regional director.

“I love all cars, not just exotics,” William said. “However, Ferrari is my heart. It has always been the car that I love. I love the sound, design, and the history.”

Growing up in Hong Kong before moving to the Eastside, William said he knew at an early age that he was destined to be involved in the car community.

“I could name all the brands of the cars since I was young,” he recalled. “My parents were always impressed with me because, of course back then there was no Internet, and I always knew the make of cars.”

William drives a white 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia. With its mid-engine V-8, racing seats, and carbon fiber interior, it’s one that truly stands out. William’s model is one of Ferrari’s last that is naturally aspirated; the next generation, the much-anticipated 488 GTB, will have a turbocharged engine.


Make & Model: 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia
Engine type: 4.5-liter V-8
Transmission: 7 speed, dual-clutch auto
Power: 570 hp at 9,000 rpm
Fuel economy: 13 city/17 highway
Curb weight: 3,274 lbs
Top speed: 202 mph
0-60: 3.4 seconds
MSRP: $234,000
Country of origin: Italy

IMG_6532Vincent H.

2012 McLaren MP4-12C

You could say Vincent H. has upgraded cars over the years. His first car was an orange 1979 Toyota Celica. His current car is an orange 2012 McLaren MP4-12C.

“The McLaren is definitely my favorite car I ever owned. It literally fits me like a glove,” Vincent said. “It’s reliable, unique, and I always have full confidence driving anywhere.”

The Interlake High School graduate wasn’t always a car enthusiast. He started learning about automobiles while doing research for his first work car, and his passion grew after a good friend became a sport-car broker and dealer.

Vincent’s interest in McLaren runs deeper than just the car’s sheer speed. “They’re known for their long history in winning Formula 1 racing,” he said. “The fact McLaren only cares about making cars to win races, and not for profit, really intrigues and impresses me.”

The McLaren turns strangers’ heads, but Vincent, a dentist, said there is more than meets the eye with his car. He said McLaren sets a standard for supercars.

“This car is special because it does everything beyond my expectations. The car is so easy to drive, yet so fast and capable. It really sets a new benchmark for the future of the sport-car industry,” Vincent said.


Make & Model: 2012 McLaren MP4-12C
Engine type: 3.8-liter V-8
Transmission: 7 speed, dual-clutch auto
Power: 592 hp at 7,000 rpm
Fuel economy: 15 city/22 highway
Curb weight: 3,161 lbs
Top speed: 207 mph
0-60: Less than 3.0 seconds
MSRP: $229,000
Country of origin: England

IMG_6536Arian A.

2008 Lamborghini
Murcielago LP640

Arian A. calls his exotic car “The Green Beast,” but those who aren’t familiar with Arian’s nickname for his prized possession simply know it as a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. The car is an all-wheel drive with V-12 power and a cockpit-style dashboard. It truly is a beast. And green. Arian’s nickname for it is appropriate.

Arian is a technology program management leader who has lived on the Eastside for two decades. He started a model car collection in his Persian hometown when he was only 5. Racing the toy cars around his house, Arian would imagine having a fast car when he grew older.

Now, “fast” is an understatement with his current high-performance machine. Arian said the fondest moment he has had in it so far was the day he debuted it at the Exotics at Redmond Town Center event.

“I love the aggressive design, power, and the elegance of it,” Arian said. “These characteristics make me super excited about this car.”


Make & Model: 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
Engine type: 6.5-liter V-12
Transmission: 6 speed, manual
Power: 632 hp @ 8,000 rpm
Fuel economy: 8 city/13 highway
Curb weight: 3,726 lbs
Top speed: 211 mph
0-60: 3.2 seconds
MSRP: $333,000
Country of origin: Italy

IMG_6533Tommaso G.

2012 Maserati GranTurismo MC

Many people purchase exotic cars as a status symbol, but Tommaso G. bought his car in remembrance of his lifelong best friend, Gabriel, who died in a car accident in 2012.

“The sounds of the Ferrari engine in my car (Maserati and Ferrari cars share the same engine) remind me of him daily. It’s therapeutic,” Tommaso said while admiring his white 2012 Maserati GranTurismo MC.

Tommaso’s late friend’s love for the Ferrari brand inspired him to make the purchase, but growing up next door to his godfather, Pasquale Perrina, the founder of Ferrari Maserati of Seattle, impacted Tomasso’s passion as well.

Tommaso, long a car enthusiast, didn’t purchase his first car until he graduated from Western Washington University.

“My life had always been focused on ‘save, save, save’ for years after starting my venture as a financial planner,” Tomasso said. “I put my life into perspective (before buying a car) and thought about the same conversations I have with my clients.”


Make & Model: 2012 Maserati GranTurismo MC
Engine type: 4.7-liter V-8
Transmission: 6 speed, automatic
Power: 444 hp @ 7,000 rpm
Fuel economy: 12 city/20 highway
Curb weight: 4,150 lbs
Top speed: 188 mph
0-60: 4.5 seconds
MSRP: $140,000
Country of origin: Italy