EvergreenHealth Kirkland Campus. Photo courtesy EvergreeHealth.

EvergreenHealth announced this week that it will partner with Seattle-based startup Wellpepper to offer more integrated post-surgical care plans for musculoskeletal and joint replacement patients. Wellpepper, which began working with EvergreenHealth in 2014, is a clinically validated platform for patient engagement through mobile devices, providing real-time feedback to healthcare providers.

Wellpepper’s platform will enable patients, physicians, and other providers to track rehabilitation progress and patient-reported outcomes in real time. The task-based platform is customizable for providers, and simplifies care instructions to help patients understand and adhere to doctor’s instructions and rehabilitation programs.

“We’ve found that there’s a challenge that patients have across their interactions with health systems in being able to understand their instructions, but the health systems also have a challenge in being able to collect feedback and outcome reports from patients with respect to how they are recovering,” said Wellpepper CEO Anne Wieler. “There’s so much now that just relies on patient memory, which is frequently (distracted). You have other things on your mind and as you think back about things, you may not remember accurately what happened. So it does give physicians a lot more information to manage your care.”

In addition to post-surgical care, the Wellpepper platform can capture pre-surgical and day-of-surgery data. This data is entered in the form of short surveys patients complete to give doctors insight to what pain medication, allergies, or preferences they might have.

“Investing in technology and innovation has long been a hallmark of EvergreenHealth’s commitment to being a trusted source for health care solutions,” said Dr. Mark Freeborn from EvergreenHealth’s spine and neurological care practice. “As an organization, we’ve also focused more recent initiatives on high-value care that aims to deliver the safest, highest quality care matched with an exceptional experience at the most appropriate cost.”

EvergreenHealth has moved in a digital direction in recent months, with the launch of its Digital Health Pilot Program, and the partnership with Wellpepper is another step in that direction.

“Across our organization, we strive to be a trusted source for innovative care solutions for our patients and families, and our partnership with Wellpepper helps us deliver on that commitment,” said EvergreenHealth CEO Bob Malte in a statement. “Since we began using Wellpepper in 2014, we’ve seen how the solution enhances the interaction between patients and providers and ultimately leads to optimal recovery and the best possible outcomes for our patients.”

This post has been updated to include Dr. Mark Freeborn’s comments.