EvergreenHealth opened a new molecular lab mid-October to support COVID-19 testing. By increasing the number of tests the health system can run by 270 tests per day, EvergreenHealth will make non-urgent COVID-19 testing more readily available to Eastside residents.

Using Applied Biosystems technology (ABI), the new lab allows testing of multiple patient specimens at a time rather than testing single specimens one by one. Three batches of 94 specimens will be tested per day, in addition to Evergreen’s original testing system that runs between 20 and 30 tests each day.

Together, these platforms should deliver results to patients within 24 hours.

“I’m incredibly proud of our dedicated team, who in just 10 short weeks was able to open our new in-house COVID-19 testing site,” Troy Harrell, manager of lab technology operations and quality, said in a press release.

For now, the molecular lab is solely for COVID-19 testing needs. But, looking forward, the technology could increase testing capacity for various other infectious diseases, cancer markers, and more. See more information about the new lab here.