Kirkland-based EvergreenHealth recently held a pitch contest to select a startup to help the health care provider develop more efficient processes and workflows through the Digital Health Pilot Program. EvergreenHealth partnered with Elevar, a San Francisco company that connects startups with larger companies that can benefit from the infusion of an entrepreneurial mindset, to facilitate the application process and pitch contest.

New York-based EHR.Works was selected from 96 applicants. The panel of judges included senior executives from EvergreenHealth, Elevar, and Cambria Grove, which are partners in the Digital Health Pilot Program.

“The selection process was exceedingly competitive, with nearly 100 startups vying for a pilot opportunity, highlighting how well EHR.Works performed throughout the program,” Chris Edell, CEO of Elevar, said in a press release. “We look forward to the successful execution of their pilot solution in the coming months.”

EHR.Works was founded in 2014. Its Web platform allows health care providers to connect apps, devices, and services to improve workflow and delivery of care.

EvergreenHealth and EHR.Works will develop and refine a plan to implement the service across EvergreenHealth providers. The Digital Health Pilot Program is designed to innovate and improve patient-provider interactions. The health care company will provide financial support, mentorship, and intellectual capital to move the partnership forward.

“By identifying and collaborating with best-in-class entrepreneurs like EHR.Works, EvergreenHealth can leverage new thinking and digital technologies that further our vision to be our community’s most trusted partner for health care solutions,” EvergreenHealth CEO Bob Malte said in a press release. “EHR.Works will bring meaningful enhancements to the patient experience, enabling our providers to spend more time focusing on their patients.”