Tesla STEM High School students were honored for their involvement in reducing their school’s carbon footprint and working toward change

Students at Tesla STEM High School in Redmond are taking one giant leap for mankind by working to reduce their carbon footprints — and encouraging those in the community and around the world to do the same.

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency awarded 13 student leaders the coveted 2016 President’s Environmental Youth Award at a school-wide assembly on June 13.

“Today, we are pleased to honor these impressive young leaders, who demonstrate the impact that a few individuals can make to protect our environment,” said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. “These students are empowering their peers, educating their communities, and demonstrating the STEM skills needed for this country to thrive in the global economy.”

More than 100 Tesla STEM students make up the group “Schools Under 2C,” which has the goal of reducing the school’s greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Paris Climate Act. This group has led their high school in reducing its carbon footprint and encouraged schools around the world to do the same. Almost 30 schools have taken the “Schools Under 2C” challenge — with Tesla STEM High School reducing its own carbon footprint by a ton and a half each month.

The program is continuing to develop by reaching out to members of the community in Redmond. “Schools Under 2C” has partnered with the City of Redmond on creating a user-friendly app where students are able to track their method of transportation — and receive incentives from local businesses for choosing cleaner ways to get around.

Students at Tesla STEM High school have been creative in their approach of encouraging those in the community as well as those around the world to make changes. These students are not just leaders to just those in their school, but leaders to all.