The costs of travel, both big and small, quickly add up and sometimes can be hard to keep track of. But with modern-day technology, there are options to help.

Egencia, the Bellevue-based business travel company of Expedia, last week announced the launch of its new suite of expense management products for business travelers, designed to help streamline the sometimes-messy process of planning and managing travel expenses.

Egencia is expanding the types of innovative technology it uses for travel and booking services into the realm of expense with the Egencia Expense Product Suite of three programs — Egencia Open Sync, Egencia Open Connect Platform, and Egencia Integrated Travel and Expense.

“Egencia is taking a new approach to expense management,” said Rob Greyber, president of Egencia. “Working together with forward-thinking partners, who value innovation like we do, we can deliver an open, intuitive solution to the industry and business travelers. That’s the future. That’s our goal. That’s business travel (and expense) for the Expedia generation.”

With these products, travelers can consolidate receipts and credit card transactions and feed them into their expense system. They also can access a network of partners to help with travel and expense, traveler risk management, and enterprise resource planning.

Expense management also will be extended and incorporated with other pre-existing Egencia services. As such, the fully integrated system can provide travelers with a start-to-finish experience that will include booking and expense. Egencia said its first integrated expense management partner will be affiliate Traveldoo, with more expense providers to follow.