Many are shuddering at the residential prices on the Eastside. And no, the price filters on the real estate websites aren’t broken — a vast majority of homes were listed for $1 million or more in February, according to data from

Estately analyzed real estate data for King County homes listed for sale at $1 million or higher and ranked the 20 cities. Mercer Island topped that list at 95.8 percent with Bellevue coming in at 81 percent of homes on the market listed at or above $1 million. Even though Seattle is considered one of the most expensive places in the area to purchase a house, it ranked 10th on the list with 39.9 percent of homes at or above $1 million. Sammamish, Issaquah, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, Redmond, Renton, and Shoreline also came in above Seattle for February home price listings.

SeaTac, Maple Valley, and Kenmore didn’t have any million dollar homes listed in February.

Despite these seemingly high prices, for Google employees seeking a short commute to work the Seattle-area is the most affordable location in the Western U.S, according to February home sales data from Estately. The median home price within two miles of the Seattle Google office was $675,000 in February —$425,000 less than the median price for homes near the Kirkland Google office.

Median home price sales within two miles from the Google office in Los Angeles were the most jaw dropping at $1.64 million, the highest of all 21 U.S. Google office locations, according to Estately’s February data. Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California was the second highest with $1.3 million as the median home price within two miles of the Google office.

According to Glassdoor, the average annual base salary for a Google software engineer is $126,787, more than four times the median personal income across the country. The length at which an employee can stretch their income depends highly on where they choose to settle down.

Percentage of Eastside homes listed at $1 million or more in February

Mercer Island – 95.8 percent

Bellevue – 81 percent

Sammamish – 66.7 percent

Issaquah – 61.1 percent

Kirkland – 53.4 percent

Redmond – 45.5 percent

Renton – 45.5 percent

Snoqualmie – 11.1 percent

Maple Valley – 0 percent

Kenmore – 0 percent