The words “Fortune 500” carry a lot of weight in the business world. The 2016 Fortune 500 list is out, and the Eastside is representing with four companies on the list. The Eastside repping runs the gamut from tech to travel, from big trucks to big bulk stores.

Overall, ten Washington companies made the list. Fortune ranks the 500 companies by total revenue for the fiscal year. This year Walmart took the top spot, but the Eastside is on the rise with three of the four companies hitting their highest mark yet.

  1. It's like an Amazon warehouse, but you actually have to go to it. Bummer. Photo by Rachel Coward

    It’s like an Amazon warehouse, but you actually have to go to it. Photo by Rachel Coward

    Costco, Issaquah

Revenue: $116,199, 000

Retail giant Costco is so Eastside that its in-house brand bears the name “Kirkland Signature.” This is the highest spot on the list yet for Costco, which was ranked #18 in 2015. Costco made waves in 2015 by breaking up with American Express, saying it’s Costco-branded cards would no longer be accepted in warehouses.

  1. Microsoft, Redmond

Revenue: $93,580,000

In 22 years on this list, 2016 is when Microsoft hits its highest rank yet. The company, under CEO Satya Nadella, is investing heavily in cloud technology. Microsoft made waves recently with the purchase of social media platform LinkedIn as well as bringing the difficult Nokia phone saga to an end.

  1. Paccar, Bellevue

Revenue: $19,115,000

You might not expect a semi-truck company in the tech-heavy Eastside, but Paccar is out on America’s roadways daily with brands like Kenworth, Peterbilt, and DAF. Paccar is an Eastside icon, founded in 1905. It has an assembly plant in Renton.

  1. Expedia, Bellevue

Revenue: $6,672,000

Expedia won’t be an Eastside company much longer. It’s departing Bellevue for Seattle by 2018. The travel booking company has been around for 20 years. 2016 is its second year on the Fortune list. Last year it ranked 458, so it’s on the move up the list.