DreamFunded, a company based out of San Francisco, connects investors with what they believe are the most promising startups. They provide a platform to help investors make smart, fast decisions that simultaneously support innovative entrepreneurs. Based on their vision, everybody wins.

DreamFunded CFO and Northwest native, Rexford Hibbs, will return to the Eastside with DreamFunded co-founder Manny Fernandez to meet with investors. They are holding a free event for local accredited investors from 6-8 p.m. on June 10 in Mercer Island (address TBA). You can register here.

“There are some really great startups coming out of the Pacific Northwest and a great abundance of technology talent. We are looking for the next potential Microsoft and Amazon to add to our platform,” Hibbs said in a statement. “We want to build strong relationships with VC firms, angel groups and incubators so we can co-invest in the Seattle area and most importantly, create jobs.”

Fernandez, who was named last year’s San Francisco Angel Investor of the Year, will cover a series of topics at the event, including:

  • The JOBS Act and Regulation A+
  • Returns angel investors can anticipate from an angel portfolio
  • Historical success / failure ratio of angel investments
  • The importance of a portfolio strategy for success as an angel
  • Investing in vetted startups
  • Diversification: Investing in multiple startups
  • Identifying the optimal check size for your portfolio
  • Critical characteristics of equity crowd funding platforms for accredited investors

For more information visit: www.DreamFundedEvents.com