A new Bellevue-based startup came out of stealth mode Thursday to announce a $4.7 million Series A round of financing. DimensionalMechanics, founded in February 2016, and is led by startup veterans, Rajeev Dutt as president and CEO, and Dave Hebert as senior vice president.

The round was led by Seattle-based investor Kent Johnson and included participation from other investors and the founders. DimensionalMechanics will use its new funding to continue building its first product: an artificial intelligence platform called NeoPulse.

Rajeev Dutt, president and CEO of DimensionalMechanics. Photo courtesy DimensionalMechanics

Rajeev Dutt, president and CEO of DimensionalMechanics. Photo courtesy DimensionalMechanics

NeoPulse is able to understand concepts and make connections to gain a broad understand of the meaning of data and content. The team will focus on making sure the product can place content into context of a larger picture and make connections to predict outcome. If all goes as planned, the platform will be able to answer questions more complex than traditional databases can handle.

Dutt said in a statement that NeoPulse is not meant to replicate the actions of the human brain, but instead reach the same conclusion through a different route.

“The current state of AI is like the early days of aircraft design. You can either try to replicate a bird, or you can focus on flying,” Dutt said in a statement. “At DimensionalMechanics, we’re focused on flying.”

During the next few years, the team behind NeoPulse will fine tune the platform’s ability to recognize multiple points of data and produce complex simulations to improve rendering, design, and economic modeling. The platform will be able to filter information and deliver only the data points needed to make information management and distribution smarter and more efficient while reducing cost.

Dave Hebert, senior vice president of DimensionalMechanics. Photo courtesy DimensionalMechanics.

Dave Hebert, cofounder and SVP of DimensionalMechanics. Photo courtesy DimensionalMechanics.

DimensionalMechanics is in discussions to create an application to enhance media curation and analytics for media and broadcast companies. The company also is venturing into fashion design with the ability to simulate realistic and dynamic 3D images based on body-type and fabric information.

“Our AI platform has incredible potential to address enterprise challenges across multiple sectors – but in the near term we are focused on establishing a strong foothold in broadcast media and 3D simulation for design,” Hebert said in a statement.