Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom.

Green Lake Jewelry Works opened its second workshop and design studio in Old Bellevue earlier this summer. But it isn’t your typical jewelry store.

“What a lot of people don’t realize is that most jewelry stores don’t make anything. They buy and sell jewelry that’s made somewhere else in the world, and they’re not truly jewelers. They’re merchants,” said founder and jeweler Jim Tuttle in a video about his business.

When Tuttle was working at other jewelry shops years ago, it was his dream to have the jewelers, designers and craftspeople up at the front of the shop. To have the artists working with the customers and cut out the sales people all together.

He first tested his approach with Green Lake Jewelry Works in Seattle more than 20 years ago. The success of that store compelled the team to open its second location now below The Meyden apartments on Main Street.


Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom.

Green Lake is known for its custom jewelry, particularly its rings, as well as its CAD and 3D printing technology. They also build jewelry in a sustainable and ethical way. According to them they use 100 percent recycled metals, work with small-scale American sapphire mines, and source “Fairmined certified gold to promote health, education and gender equality within developing communities along the global supply chain.”

The Bellevue studio was designed and crafted by its own team. The hand-painted floors and the woodwork were completed by the jewelers and designers who meet with clients and create jewelry inside the space.