The tech experts at Microsoft just released their Digital Trends Report for 2015. The study explores consumer expectations, and highlights implications for brands in the coming year. The report is separated into three categories, each addressing the consumer’s need to explore, connect, perform, and control their lives in an increasingly digital world.

Here are a few key trend predictions for 2015:

The Game Changers: Trends that fundamentally change a consumer’s experience.

Value Me – As digital information becomes essential to brands, consumers want to earn benefits when they trade their data.

IntelligentlyON – Consumers want their digital experience to help them be productive by anticipating and understanding their needs

Real: Redefined – With the rise of the online world, consumers want technology that helps them integrate their digital and physical lives.


The Performers: Trends that help consumers shape their identity.

Right to my Identity – As personality becomes an essential part of the online world, consumers want easier ways to shape their digital image.

Life Analytics – Consumers want to use their digital data to track their activities, measure their performance and improve their lives.

Creative Me – With a more connected world, consumers want the ability to shape and create the products and services they need based on their personal needs.

The Explorers: Trends that encourage consumers to explore and discover the digital world.

The New Age of Discovery – Consumers want a digital world that not only gives them opportunities based on their interests, but opens them up to a new world of activities and ideas outside their usual habits.

Now Networks – As the world becomes more connected, consumers want networking that appeals to them, finding niche groups that explore the ever changing and high-quality aspects of their lives.