Back in 2017, the City of Woodinville and MainStreet Property Group, along with their partner HAL Real Estate, struck up a deal to begin the opening of The Schoolhouse District. Construction officially began on June 18, with the hopes of creating an exciting and enticing destination for visitors and locals alike. 

The new Schoolhouse District project will add a number of new retail, dining, recreation, and sight-seeing opportunities. The highlight of the project is the restoration of Woodinville’s Historic Schoolhouse No. 23, with new retail outlets on the first and second floors. 

Woodinville City Manager, Brandon Buchanan, said in a statement, “Saving and restoring the Old Woodinville School has been a nearly 20-year effort fraught with challenges. We couldn’t be more excited to see it finally moving forward. It wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for MainStreet Property Group. They have been amazing partners in designing a project that meets our goal of not only saving the Schoolhouse but creating an amazing public space in our downtown.” 

The project will also include renovations of 8,000 square feet in the existing YMCA, along with the addition of a childcare space. There will be 40,000 square feet of open public space for city events, indoor and outdoor dining and seating, and displays of public art. New shopping and dining options will be available with the reconstruction, including the “Wine Walk Row,” an area of up to 11 wine tasting spaces.

The new Schoolhouse District is scheduled for completion in winter 2021.