Bellevue-based Concur yesterday announced its most recent product, Concur Expense Smart Drive, a new technology designed to simplify mileage expense reporting and save companies money in the process.

The automated mobile distance tracking tool works with Concur’s mobile app, providing a touchless, automated way to track distance and reimbursements.

“In 2016, Concur processed $2.27 billion in ground transportation reimbursement. Mileage tracking is one of the top 10 items expensed, yet it often requires business travelers to manually input estimates with no documentation — costing business travelers’ time and leaving substantial margin for error,” Robb Nielsen, vice president of global product experience at Concur, said in a press release. “With Concur Expense Smart Drive, actual mileage data is automatically captured, allowing for more accurate expense reporting that also simplifies the process for the business traveler.”

When a user starts a trip, smart sensors that recognize when a user is driving automatically kick-in, activating the GPS on the user’s phone to begin tracking mileage. Users can opt to have the tool run continuously in the background, or choose to have it activate on certain days at specific times. Users also can view recent trips and review expense reports, which are automatically generated based on start and stop locations, type of vehicle and fuel, and number of passengers.

By replacing self-reported estimates with accurate automatically-generated mileage reports, Concur said its new product can save business travelers’ time and companies as much as 20 percent on mileage reimbursements.