Paul Litchfield, former Vice President of Advanced Concepts for Reebok, has joined Issaquah-based Combat Flip Flops as part of their advisory board. (Courtesy of Combat Flip Flops)

Paul Litchfield, former vice president of advanced concepts for Reebok, has joined Issaquah-based Combat Flip Flops as part of the advisory board. Photo courtesy Combat Flip Flops.

The newest addition to veteran-owned Combat Flip Flops is Reebok veteran, Paul Litchfield, who will serve as an adviser.

Combat Flip Flops sells quality flip flops and other accessories while bringing jobs to some of the war-torn regions of the world that co-founder and CEO Matthew “Griff” Griffin visited during his service as an Army Ranger.

Combat Flip Flops has come a long way since it started in the garage of Griffin’s Issaquah home where he and his brother-in-law Andy Sewrey assembled the company’s first 4,000 flip flops.

Litchfield is known for creating “The Pump” from the early 1990s fame, and more recently he was the vice president of advanced concepts for Reebok when he ended his tenure with the company in May.

“I think that my background and enthusiasm for creating products is a great complement to the CFF team,” Litchfield said. “I am very enthusiastic about these future collaborations.”

Litchfield comes to Combat Flip Flops with more than 160 granted patents. While all intellectual property created by Litchfield will remain with Reebok, his experience in the field is valuable.

“My experience in knowing how to create product and navigate the patent process are experiences that I will impart to CFF,” he said.

Griffin said he is “beyond stoked” to have Litchfield join the Combat Flip Flops team.

“When we learned Paul was open for an advisory position, we offered him free flip flops for life, an 18-pack of Rainier, and a free trip to Afghanistan,” he jokes. “Let’s see anybody else make a better offer.”

Litchfield agreed. “In the words of our fearless leader, Griff, ‘I am stoked.’ It is a true honor and privilege to be part of this team and mission,” Litchfield said. “The CFF founding philosophy and their commitment to give back to the communities facing challenges, and sometimes significant difficulties, is an incredibly positive and motivating reason to be part of CFF.”

Litchfield lives in Boston where he also advises for Reebok and serves on the board of directors for Mission Ready Services, Inc., which helps equip military personnel and first responders with personal protective equipment.