Companies across the nation take an average of 25 days to fill an open position, but tech companies are taking longer, nearly 39 days, to fill the void, costing the company extra time and money. Speculation is that managers hold out for the “perfect” candidate, and aren’t willing to invest in training for less experienced workers.

Coding Dojo student work through some code on a whiteboard in the Bellevue office. Photo courtesy Coding Dojo.

Coding Dojo now offers education courses for corporations to broaden the skills of existing employees. Photo courtesy Coding Dojo.

Now, if hiring managers find a good candidate with the perfect soft skills, there’s a solution to close the gap in hard skills.

Bellevue-based Coding Dojo announced today that it will expand education courses to include corporate training to help developers learn new coding languages, web security, front-end and back-end development, and database and framework development.

“By equipping employees with next-generation skills and technologies, companies can become more agile and innovative,” Coding Dojo CEO Richard Wang said in a statement. “Couple that with the fact that there will be one million more computing jobs than computer science graduates by 2020, it’s clear that companies need to build the skills of existing employees rather than rely solely on outside developer recruitment, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process.”

The new curriculum was developed in response to requests from large companies that regularly hire its bootcamp graduates, such as Expedia, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, and DocuSign. Additional web fundamentals courses will be geared toward helping non-developer employees broaden their skillsets and become more familiar with code, including HTML, CSS, and Git.

Coding Dojo has offices in Belleuve, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Dallas, and will open new locations in Washington D.C. and Chicago this year.