If the cabinets in urban office kitchens are any indication, it’s clear that no two coffee mugs are quite alike. Some are emblazoned with logos for local banks and physical therapists, some have punny (or downright inappropriate) sayings printed on them, and there even may be a random holiday mug with dancing candy canes and snowmen. However, now that the weather is starting to get chilly again, do you really want to put your Pumpkin Spice Latte in a mug that some ex-coworker’s kid made in middle-school art class? Probably not. So consider some of these cool cups instead.


Peeking Cat Coffee Mugs

Peeking Cat Mug

Offered by Washington-based artisan Pithitude on Amazon Handmade, this mug will remind you to wake up and get to work. $19.95, amazon.com


The Office (Your Face) Coffee Mugs

The Office (Your Face) Star Mug

Fans of The Office will totally get this star mug a la Kelly Kapoor’s Dancing with the Stars summer finale party. Non-fans might just enjoy putting their mug on this mug by Etsy seller FundingCharlee. $12, etsy.com


World's Okayest Employee coffee mug

World’s Okayest Employee

Underachievers everywhere, this mug is for that time when you know you’re not the best, and you want everyone else to know it, too. $13.99, amazon.com


Manatea Infuser and Coffee Mugs

Manatea Infuser and Mug

Tea drinkers and coffee drinkers are about as different as, well, tea and coffee. Unlike manic coffee drinkers, tea drinkers prefer to just “go with the flow,” like this easygoing manatee.  $18.95, amazon.com


Tetris Magic Color-Changing Coffee Mugs

Tetris Magic Color-Changing Mug

Your inner nerd will love this retro Tetris mug. The classic geometric shapes will start to stack up as you pour your hot beverage of choice. $6.99, amazon.com


The Monster Coffee Mugs of Motivation

The Monster Mug of Motivation

If coffee is liquid motivation, you could hit the productivity mother lode with this monster mug by Etsy shop KatieAbeyDesign. $13.67, etsy.com