Kirkland-based FlatBike brings high-quality folding bikes to U.S. market.

When you think of folding bicycles, you probably don’t envision full-size, rugged two-wheelers capable of conquering mountainous terrain, but that’s precisely what FlatBike, a Kirkland-based U.S. distributor of Change Bike, offers its customers.

When FlatBike founder Bob Forgrave discovered Change Bike, a Taiwan manufacturer of full-size folding bikes, his love for cycling rekindled. The full-size frame (and wheels) provided Forgrave the freedom to cycle everything from city streets to rugged trails, while the ability to fold the bicycle made it possible to easily store and tote the bike from place to place.

Wanting to provide other cyclists on the Eastside and across the U.S. with access to this innovative bicycle, Forgrave, a former Microsoft employee, decided to launch his own business, and FlatBike was born.

FlatBike offers cyclists access to three different styles — commuter, mountain, and hybrid. Bikes range in price from $1,280 to $1,580.— Margo Greenman