Destiny 2 is the second installment in the local game developer’s major franchise

Bellevue-based and employee-owned game developing company Bungie is months away from releasing the “highly anticipated” sequel to Destiny, in which players battle a powerful enemy to protect humanity.

In Destiny 2, a first-person action game, the last safe city on Earth has fallen to ruins and is occupied by an elite enemy army, the Red Legion. Each player is a “Guardian,” tasked with defending the human survivors and must master new abilities and weapons. The official trailer, “Rally the Troops,” juxtaposes two Vanguard leaders — one with an impassioned speech and the other with sarcastic warnings of death — calling troops to action. The sequel offers a fresh story line with destinations around our solar system.

“The past three years have been incredibly inspiring and rewarding for Bungie,” Bungie CEO Pete Parsons said in a press release. “To know that millions of players around the world have forged lasting Destiny memories and even made it their hobby is truly humbling and we can’t wait to continue the journey.”

The game is one of Bungie’s major gaming franchises, including Marathon, Myth, and Halo. Bungie and its publishing partner, Activision Publishing, Inc., plan to release a beta version of Destiny 2 this summer with an official release date scheduled for Sept. 8. Destiny 2 will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One stations as well as PC. The first game play reveal live stream will be broadcast internationally on May 18. The game rating is currently pending.