Limeade, a Bellevue software company, announced this week the launch of Limeade ONE — a platform designed to help improve the employee experience.

Limeade describes the platform in a press release as “the first and only platform to deliver well-being, engagement, inclusion, and communications solutions in one seamless user experience.”

“When employees suffer from burnout, loneliness, disengagement and information overload, businesses suffer too,” said Henry Albrecht, Limeade’s CEO, in a prepared statement. “But there’s a fix. Our research directly links perceptions of care to key business results like improved employee engagement and retention — and company reputation. On the frontlines of today’s talent war, CEOs and leaders need this.”

The company’s Limeade Institute found in a 2019 study that when employees feel their employer cares about them as individual, they are more likely to report positive experiences, such as that they would recommend the company as a great place to work, that they’re more engaged at work, or that they’re are more likely to stay at the company for three or more years.

Limeade ONE was designed to connect “typically disparate HR systems” to the benefit of employees’ wellbeing. It includes tools to encourage companywide activities that help employees feel good, allows employers to “turn insights into meaningful actions,” sustains an inclusive workplace, and facilitates the ability to listen to employees.