Rajeev Dutt, cofounder and CEO of DimensionalMechanics. Photo courtesy DimensionalMechanics

Bellevue-based DimensionalMechanics today announced the launch of NeoPulse AI Studio, an intuitive set of applications that allows businesses to quickly and easily design their own custom AI solutions.

NeoPulse AI Studio is the third prong in DimensionalMechanics’ NeoPulse framework, which also includes a selection of off-the-shelf AI software solutions, as well as the NeoPulse AI Store, which — similar to an app store — allows businesses to license, share, and monetize their AI models.

The ultimate goal of NeoPulse AI Studio is to make AI more accessible for businesses and organizations, which, in today’s market, Dutt said is the biggest challenge toward making AI ubiquitous.

“When I look at the state of the AI marketplace today, a lot of things start to emerge,” Dutt said. “And the first is that most of the solutions are very narrowly focused. Most deep learning systems focus on one specific vertical … and that’s not really useful for most businesses.”

Dutt said other challenges that hinder AI’s accessibility include high cost, inability to customize, lack of privacy on the cloud, and monetization — all issues NeoPulse aims to address.

Through NeoPulse AI Studio, businesses can custom-build AI solutions that are specific to their needs, no experience necessary.

“With AI Studio, if you know nothing about AI, then we have this thing called the oracle, which is basically an artificial intelligence whose job in life is to build deep learning models,” said Dutt. “So, it’s literally an AI that builds AI.”

Dutt said all NeoPulse AI Studio needs to generate an AI model are a few clues and some data, and it will automatically generate a model. And, Dutt said, the more you use it, the better the AI gets.


The NeoPulse Modeling Language (NML) makes it quick and easy for users to create their own AI models. Image courtesy DimensionalMechanics.

“The exciting thing about this is that the AI, the oracle, actually becomes smarter every time you use it,” Dutt said. “As you start to apply it to problems, it starts to learn from its solution and starts to optimize that and becomes even better at solving those kind of problems or writes models faster. It’s constantly learning.”

Once built, businesses can decide to monetize their models using the cloud, on-premise (query run time), or through the NeoPulse AI store.

Dutt is excited about the launch of NeoPulse AI Studio, and said DimensionalMechanics currently is targeting the media and entertainment industries. To better reach this market, DimensionalMechanics also has partnered with GrayMeta, a provider of automated metadata collection, curation, and search, GrayMeta’s customers include ABC, NBC Universal, and HBO, to name a few.

With the launch of NeoPulse AI Studio, a new partnership with GrayMeta, and a round of series B funding slated to begin this fall, DimensionalMechanics is one startup worth watching.