Most large companies have internal programs that offer corporate training for employees, but Bellevue College handles plenty of requests from companies like Microsoft, Paccar, Boeing, and more to provide valuable professional, leadership, and technical skills to their employees. The Corporate Group Training program at the college is all about workforce development, and corporations and organizations can get this training at their place of business, online or at the North Bellevue campus.

According to Jim Bryan, director of corporate relations at Bellevue College, the most common requests from organizations is for frontline leadership training, feedback and coaching, and conflict resolution. “Many times when an employee moves up into a management roll, they’re going to be contributing to others…they may have the attributes of a leader, but there are certain skill sets that they can be trained so that they can not only get more productivity out of themselves, but out of their employees as well,” he said.

The big challenge for facilitators at the Corporate Training Program is identifying the exact need of each client, because each engagement is different. Training needs for established tech giants like Microsoft are vastly different from an emerging startup. But regardless of their differences, Bryan says facilitators are often faced with one common challenge – getting the client to buy in. “We can teach people a tool, but there also has to be a value change. The person has to change and recognize how this tool fits into the big mission of their organization. If they don’t believe, they won’t use the tool,” Bryan said.

Bryan believes the program has a symbiotic relationship with the Eastside economy. “Any dollars spent with the school make this this an economic accelerator here, too. We are a not for profit. That money goes right back into programs, and that goes to develop other workforce,” Bryan said. Other aspects of that symbiotic relationship include public access to the Center for Career Connections, an on-campus organization that offers job and internship postings, career counseling, and classes and workshops. Corporations also can make use of the Center by posting jobs or getting involved with job fairs.

Since Bellevue College is state-funded resource, Bryan said the Corporate Group Training clients have the ability to tap into the Job Skills Program, a state-funding job training program. “This is free training dollars from the state. They can be used for organizations looking to expand operations or retrain additional workers, and it’s not limited to small businesses, either. That’s part of the economic incentive of doing business with Bellevue College and the Corporate Group Training program.”

For more information about the program, contact Jim Bryan at 425-564-2959.