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The Data Guy

Tola Marts Data Guy

Intellectual Ventures’ Tola Marts is an inventor, engineer, and politician with his eyes set on a congressional seat in 2018

Bumps In The Road Were Par For The Course At Inglewood Golf Club

The popular image of country clubs is that of playgrounds for the rich, built on old money. The idea that a golf club might have moments of financial struggle seems…

Chopping Wood

Renton-based Baden Sports is hoping to hit
a home run in the major leagues and beyond with its Axe Bat. 

KKNW Takes Unique Approach To Talk Radio

KKNW hosts

Chances are the idea of becoming a radio show host has crossed your mind at some point. Thanks to Alternative Talk AM 1150 KKNW, direct from Newport Corporate Center in…

W Bellevue Preps for Summer Opening

The luxury hotel at Lincoln Square expansion opens in mid-June The big reveal for the Eastside’s newest luxury hotel, W Bellevue at the Lincoln Square Expansion, is scheduled to take…

Mountain Man

International Sherpa Guides of Redmond can take you to the Seven Summits and beyond — all places company owner AC Sherpa has gone himself. It’s called the death zone, and…

Making a World from Nothingness

At Bellevue-based ArenaNet, creating a video game world from scratch is a monumental and satisfying undertaking. Full disclosure: I’m not a gamer. But as a writer, I have an inherent…

Sky Does Life

A few years ago, Adam Dahlberg was a depressed and overweight teenager, standing in line at the local food bank and struggling to find a purpose in life. Today, the…

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