Tired of long waits and boring smooth jazz hold music when you have to call customer service? Kirkland’s Audian is putting forth a “self-service” solution for setting up a phone system.

Audian is launching the Audian Customer Service Portal, a cloud-based system that allows customers to easily create a business phone system using drag and drop features.

Audian customers can now easily change business phone systems using the new portal.

“Simply put, the Audian Customer Portal has made management of a phone system simple and widely accessible to someone with no technical skills, all the way to the 20 year IT veteran,” said Brandon Bazemore, CEO of Audian. “Our portal’s drag and drop features gives customers an easy to use, visual representation of their custom phone system, allowing for easy configuration and updates.”

Users will be able to add new lines and phones on their own without the need for a phone technician. There are 50 other new features in the portal.

To learn more, visit Audian’s website.