Matthew LaTurner, photo courtesy AT&T.

Matthew LaTurner, photo courtesy AT&T.

Bellevue resident Matthew LaTurner started volunteering with Boy Scouts of America when he was 26 years old, and after 15 years of service, LaTurner has received national recognition through the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

LaTurner, a senior principal engineer at AT&T, serves his community by volunteering as a scout master and coach for his sons’ basketball and soccer teams.

“I showed up to the first scout meeting expecting to just help out, but I quickly found out they had expected me to be the scoutmaster and help get a Boy Scout troop going in the area,” LaTurner wrote in an email.

The troop started with six boys, ages 11 to 13, and grew to 14 boys within the first six months.LaTurner helps organize montly activites for the scouts, including hiking Mt. Rainier, building snow caves, and information sessions about working in technology.

“I volunteer because I want to be a positive role model for people,” LaTurner said in a statement. “I have been blessed all of my life with wonderful men who helped me become a good husband and father. I want to pass that along and make a difference in the lives of these young men.”

LaTurner says he the experience has been fun, and now that his boys are involved with scouts the experience more fun than work because it means they get to do things together. LaTurner says his sons should achieve their eagle scout in approximately two years.

Service and volunteering isn’t just important to LaTurner, it’s important to his wife as well. He says the whole family has been involved in serving at Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, and Wounded Warriors. He says that when his sons have completed the BSA program, he’ll hand-off leadership role to someone else, and he and his wife will seek out a Ronald McDonald House to volunteer with.

“I think because scouts [and] coaching are just part of my life, it feels weird being recognized for it,” LaTurner wrote.

LaTurner contributed to more than 50,000 hours of volunteer service provided by AT&T employees in Washington in 2014.

“We are proud to celebrate AT&T employees who volunteer their time, talents and passions to make a difference in their communities,” says Bob Bass, president of AT&T Washington. “I am inspired and encouraged by our President’s Volunteer Service Award winners for this year, and want to say thanks to Matthew LaTurner for the service he provides to his community every day.”