Atigeo announced Wednesday that is has acquired ClearSight Systems technology, a data analytics company. The acquisition will directly enrich the Bellevue company’s keystone product, xPatterns.

ClearSight’s data analytics is directly compatible with xPatterns’ central analytics engine, forecasting, and insights. Uniquely, Atigeo’s chief scientist, Wolf Kohn, was the original architect of ClearSight’s technology.

Details about the acquisition were not disclosed.

Last year, Atigeo raised an $18.4 million round of funding, enabling it to further build out xPatterns and realize CEO Michael Sandoval’s vision of aggregating and deciphering healthcare data. XPatterns is able to aggregate information from multiple sources, enabling the patient, physician, and health care organization to have a centralized report of the patient’s medical history in real time.

The company also employs machine learning and other analytical tools to reveal patterns and create models from data sets that would take humans years to sift through.

ClearSights’ additional analytic technology and power will further help Atigeo maintain its position as one of the leading data analytics platforms on the market.